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Featured Trail Races

Check back frequently for information on featured trail races, from California to nationwide. Take a look at these featured races, and get in touch if you'd like some advice on your training schedule, some personal coaching, or if you just have a question.

Featured NORCAL Trail Race: 

Clikapudi Trail Runs - January 1, 2015

Come trail run along the shore of Lake Shasta, just north of Redding. This New Year's Day run offers a 5k, 10k, and half marathon distance option. Start 2015 out right... with a trail run!

Featured NORCAL Trail Race: 

Frost or Fog - January 24, 2015

Chico plays host to a long-standing Winter tradition: the Frost or Fog 5k, quarter marathon, and 10 mile presented by Under the Sun Events. A chilly, beautiful run in Upper Bidwell Park that mixes gravel, road, and trail for fantastic off-season race. Register now and just say no to hibernation!