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Personalized Training Schedule

Are you interested in trail running, but not sure if you need the personal attention of a coach? Do you have a handle on the basics, but need a little help crafting a training schedule? Is there a race you have in mind, but aren't sure how best to prepare?

Whatever your needs, I can help craft a training schedule that fits. You provide the information on your current fitness, available hours, and desired goals, I will turn it into a detailed training plan. 

Whether you're racing your first trail 5k or looking to set a personal best at your next ultra, we can create a schedule that works for you. 

What's included

The personalized training schedule is created based on your goals, skill level, and available time. When you sign up you'll receive a detailed runner survey to assess your experience, health and fitness, and goals. I'll use this assessment to build your schedule and deliver it to your email inbox.

Not sure if you need a personal schedule? Take a look at the FAQ, or contact me with your questions.

If you'd like a little more personal attention on your trail running journey, I offer a variety of Coaching Plans to meet your needs.

Sale Price
4 weeks $60 $49.99
8 weeks $75 $59.99
12 weeks $100 $79.99
16 weeks $125 $99.99

5k, 10k, Half Marathon


Personalized training schedules range from 4-16 weeks for 5k, 10k, and half marathon plans, and from 12-24 weeks for marathon and ultramarathon plans. Unsure of what duration is right for you? Just ask!

Training Schedule

Marathon and UltraMarathon

Sale Price
12 weeks $125 $99.99
16 weeks $155 $124.99
20 weeks $195 $149.99
24 weeks $225 $174.99
Training Schedule